PyHasse Modules

Ranking and decision support

You want to rank cities, chemicals or nations? However you don’t know, how? Then a multi-indicatorsystem can provide an approach. Now: How to rank? You don’t like to combine all these useful information of the single indicators into a single ranking index? Then try PyHasse!

What you can get.

If you are interested in using PyHasse, all aspects from using the demo (fourth column) to all versions of installing the software (second column) by yourself and the mathematical background (third column)are available in this section.

Module Function Math Calculation Online
CORE Import/Export of Data, some basic procedures pyhasse.core  
ACM Analysis of conflicts (Antichain: a subset of the set of objects, mutually incomparable) pyhasse.acm
LPOM Approximative generation of a weak order for the objects of the selected data matrix pyhasse.lpom
CHAIN Generation of Chains and their characterization
(Chain: a subset of the set of objects, mutually comparable)
COPELAND The well-known decision support system based on a concept of Copeland pyhasse.copeland
FUZZY Concept of De Walle et al […], where the relations between two objects are evaluated by fuzzy techniques. pyhasse.fuzzy
SIMILARITY Two data matrices with the same objects, but with different indicator sets are compared (actually in restructuring) pyhasse.similarity
SPYOUT Generation of a Hasse diagram (Basic module. Recommended for the beginner, and applied in this section.) pyhasse.spyout