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Ranking and decision support

You want to rank cities, chemicals or nations? However you don’t know, how? Then a multi-indicatorsystem can provide an approach. Now: How to rank? You don’t like to combine all these useful information of the single indicators into a single ranking index? Then try PyHasse!


Project PyHasse

Hasse, Helmut a german mathematician inspired us to develop a toolbox called "PyHasse" where the prefix "py" is indicating the programming language "Python". The software package PyHasse offers a comprehensive selection of modules for studies of ordinal analyses of data matrices, in particular partial ordering. The development of PyHasse started in 2007 and was intended as the successor of the program WHASSE, developed in the 90ties. Today the software package PyHasse contains now more than 100 specific modules. However, the distribution of the package appears inconvenient and the actual use may be found somewhat troublesome and not specifically user friendly if not having at least some appropriate background. Read more


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